How to change your Rotom phone case in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

You can buy them, or unlock secret bonuses from past game save data

Like many first party games before it, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet continues the “nostalgia save data bonus unlock” tradition.

Once you get to the academy, you’ll be able to buy or unlock (for free) new Rotom phone cases, which change up your UI with a new aesthetic.

Buying Rotom phone cases

Right around the corner to southeast of the academy city of Mesagoza is the Delibird Presents shop, which sells phone cases. You can find the exact location of it in the gallery above, and you can buy them right away once you finish the city tutorial.

Here are the phone cases available right at the start, ranging from 1,000-3,000 Pokedollars:

  • Sprigatito Case
  • Fuecoco Case
  • Quaxly Case
  • Yellow Case
  • Green Case
  • Purple Case
  • Pink Case
  • Blue Case
  • Turqoise Case
  • Olive Case
  • Rose Case
  • Brown Case
  • Lavender Case

Unlocking the free past Pokemon game Rotom phone cases

To get some free stuff, head to the NPC at the very bottom of the main staircase, in the southern portion of the academy city of Mesagoza. You can find the exact location and the NPC in question in the gallery below. Just speak to them with save data of past games on your Switch, and they’ll automatically trigger a dialogue option to acquire them.

Here are the Pokemon save data/cases we can confirm now:

  • Sinnoh (Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl) – Poketch Case
  • Hisui (Pokemon Legends: Arceus) – Arc Phone Case

We currently have some save data spread across multiple Switch units, so once we suss out more potential save data bonuses, we’ll add them here.

How to actually swap your case

Press left on the d-pad while in the overworld to bring up the outfit menu, then scroll all the way to the end on the right until you reach the icon at the top that looks like a phone case/Rotom ‘Dex. You can select from the cases you have available there.

If you have more questions, you can find a full cosmetic guide here.

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