What is a Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO? Explained

It’s their time to shine.

Pokémon GO is still going strong since its debut in 2016. With plenty of events and adorable Pokémon to keep players busy, the free app aims to earn the valuable app real estate it holds. While you can catch Pokémon any time, events offer extra incentives to get out there. One of these events is a Spotlight Hour.

Spotlight Hour happens for one hour, from 6-7 p.m. local time, every Tuesday. While the clock ticks, a previously specified Pokémon will be in abnormal abundance everywhere. Whether you need one for your Pokédex or your own enjoyment, you can catch as few or as many as you want. The Pokémon for this month have already been announced, so players can plan ahead. The events for Alolan Sandshrew, Swirlix, and Seedot have already passed, but Tynamo and Blitzle still remain for January 2023.

There is a special gift during Spotlight Hour too! Things like “double catch stardust” or “double evolution XP.” These little bonuses are announced with the Pokémon. If you know that you will get “double transfer candy,” then you may choose to wait until that Spotlight Hour to transfer your duplicates.

Be prepared.

You only have an hour, so you will want to be prepared for the event ahead of time. Make sure you have enough Pokéballs in your arsenal so you don’t run out. Also, if you plan on catching several of them, make sure you have enough space to store them. It’s best not to make these decisions once the event has started.

Spotlight Hour has been a regular event since 2020, so there’s a good chance there will be many more to come. If you’re enjoying this event, you may want to catch Community Day each month as well! Having a friend to go on a catching spree with is part of why the mobile game is so fun. If you’re looking to get the most out of your experience, here’s how many friends you can have in Pokémon GO.

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