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A free trial of Wild Hearts is now available

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Wild Hearts is set for release in a few days, but Game Pass and EA Play subscribers can get a taste of the RPG a little early. EA Originals and Koei Tecmo have set live a 10-hour free trial available right now.

Set off on an adventure across fantasy feudal Japan in Monster Hunter style, chasing down huge beasts known as “Kemono” utilizing an ancient technology called “The Karakuri”. These contraptions and devices are used in a pinch in order to turn he battle in the player’s favor.

There are no barriers to playing the free trial, and there’s plenty of the game to traverse and experience. 10 hours of entirely free exploration await, but how can players access it?

EA Play subscribers

Wild Hearts

One way to secure the trial period for Wild Hearts is to purchase an EA Play subscription from EA’s website. Subscribers can play the demo up to the gates of Minato, but for EA Play Pro subscribers, progress will carry over when the game is officially released.

Despite an error on the website announcing that EA Play Pro subscribers could access the game from February 13, the correct date for access is February 16.

The Wild Hearts demo is available to EA Play subscribers on any platform.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers

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Another way to gain access to the Wild Hearts demo is to purchase an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription from Xbox’s website. Similarly to EA Play subscribers, Game Pass Ultimate members will be able to play the game until the gates of Minato. Unlike EA Play Pro subscribers, however, it has not yet been confirmed whether progress will carry over into the full release of the game.

Wild Hearts is not available in the Xbox Game Pass app and will instead be located on the EA Play app. Logging in to EA Play through Xbox Game Pass accounts will fix this issue for anyone attempting to launch the game in the incorrect app.

On Xbox consoles, search the store for Wild Hearts and install the free trial version of the game. For PlayStation consoles, search the PlayStation store and again install the Wild Hearts free trial. On PC, search the EA Play app for Wild Hearts and install the demo.

Wild Hearts release date

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Wild Hearts will release on February 16 for PC and February 17 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. The console version of the game will launch at exactly midnight GMT on the 17th whereas the PC version is available one hour earlier and is available on the EA Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam.

The early access demo is available now until release.

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