Is Wild Hearts cross-play/cross-platform? – Answered

Monster hunting… with friends!

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Omega Force’s EA-published Monster Hunter competitor, Wild Hearts, has arrived. Like Monster Hunter, the game comes with a fairly heavy focus on multiplayer. Given that it’s launching on PlayStation 5, current-gen Xbox consoles, and PC, it’s fair to ask whether or not the game will have cross-play at launch.

The good news is, per EA’s preorder FAQ, Wild Hearts has full cross-platform compatibility. Players on any platform can play with their friends across the vast console/PC divide without issue.

Wild Hearts minimum PC system requirements
Image via EA and Koei Tecmo

On PC, too!

Wild Hearts is launching on a handful of different PC launchers to accompany its array of console releases. Don’t worry — cross-play will work between different launchers, too. That means you can buy the game on Steam, Origin, or the Epic Games Store without sweating about where your friends pick it up. You’ll be able to play the game across different launchers and different platforms. As EA puts it, “You’ll be able to seamlessly join two friends on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (Origin, Steam, and Epic Games Store) to hunt down Kemono.”

It’s worth noting that Wild Hearts will not feature cross-saves, so if you’re thinking about jumping between platforms, you’re out of luck. If you overwhelmingly favor one platform over another, as always, it’ll be worthwhile to consider buying the game there. If you’re on PC, you can also access Wild Hearts through EA Play Pro, the PC-exclusive premium tier for EA Play. Once you’re locked into your platform of choice, though, you’ll be able to play with anyone else on any other console or computer. Happy hunting!

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