How to Beat Vultros in Warcraft Rumble

Kill one bird with an even bigger stone!

Warcraft Rumble

Warcraft Rumble can be a bit of an obstacle if you don’t find yourself playing a lot of mobile games. So, at least at the start of your campaign, you might find some trouble defeating certain boss characters. It’s made even worse when the boss character in question lives in a more open area than you’re used to. 

In Warcraft Rumble’s second region, Westfall, the first enemy you’ll encounter is named Vultros. And where most if not all of the previous battle arenas have been enclosed, vertical spaces, this is the first where there’s room to maneuver. That said, it can be difficult to know which paths to prioritize in order to defeat the bird-like monster, Vultros. Let’s discuss one potential method of conquering this foe!

How to beat Vultros in Warcraft Rumble

To start, you have two choices before you — take the left or right path to arrive on Vultros’ doorstep. If you take the left, you’ll be forced to then take a right thanks to a directional arrow pointing you away from the crossbow tower to the far left. If you take the right path, you’ll be able to destroy a crossbow tower and make it your own. You might think it obvious, but I am actually going to advise you to take the left path, while keeping an eye on any of Vultros’ minions sent down the right path.

Be wary of the mob of minions Vultros will send your way. If you have your own mob — to be clear, I am referring to minis that, when placed, automatically spawn in multiple variants of the same mini — then use them to fend off the opposing mob and send as many offensive minis as you can down the left path. In my experience, the goal was to overwhelm Vultros with as many minis as I could muster, including my current general, General Drakkisath, who can take a huge chunk out of Vultros’ HP if he makes it that far.

I think my most common units during this fight were the Common Gryphon Rider, the Common Darkspear Troll, the Common Gnoll Brute, the Common Chain Lightning, the Common S.A.F.E. Pilot (which is especially helpful given their sheer mobility), and the Common Footmen (the aforementioned mob mini that I used to thin Vultros’ ranks). Vultros isn’t the most complicated boss to take down, so just keep sending units after him, and you’ll overcome this early game obstacle in due time!

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