How to adopt animals & pets in Fire Emblem Engage

Adopt Animals and Pets in Fire Emblem Engage

You can adopt a camel?

Imagine a world where you can adopt camels, pigeons, and donkeys as pets. Well, you can do that in Fire Emblem Engage. As you finish conquests on the battlefield, you will be able to adopt cats, dogs, and far more obscure animals as one of the game’s side-activities. The reward for doing so is several dropped items that are beside each animal on the farmyard.

Here’s how to adopt animals and pets in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Where to adopt animals and pets in Fire Emblem Engage

Pets in Fire Emblem Engage Camel
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Animals and pets in Fire Emblem Engage can be picked up after you fight battles. After any story quest, training session with a military force, or skirmish is completed, you’ll be transported to the location where you fought. It transforms into a hub town, where you can pick up items and talk to your teammates for bond fragments, The most important factor we want to consider this time is the animals. If you press the ZR button, a mini-map will appear on the right side of the screen. Look out for the orange spots; these are where the animals preside. You’ll want to run over to the orange spots and then press the A button while next to them to adopt the pets in Fire Emblem Engage. 

Fire Emblem Engage Adopting Map
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Each location has different pets to discover. For example, Solm has camels while Firene has Pigeons and Freecats. At the Bandits’ Hideout in Firene, you can find an Eastern Freecat, Elyosian Pigeon, and Black Elyosian Dog. On the World Map before heading into a fight, check the information on the right. On the bottom of the text box, there’s an animals section. If you have not adopted an animal species yet, it will be outlined in blue-colored text.

How to place animals on the farmyard

Pets in Fire Emblem Engage Farmland
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Making your pets in Fire Emblem Engage feel at home is quite a breeze. First, head over to the farmyard by first pressing X in Somniel and then fast-traveling to the location. You’ll likely see an empty patch of grass. You’ll see a building next to the grass with a yellow arrow pointed down. Interact with the door. From here, you can select which animals can head out of the stable onto the grass. You can select up to five at a time. Once you’ve made your decision, your choices will then spawn. If you leave the animals and go for a skirmish on the world map, there will be items that you can grab next to the animals. They will drop resources like Rare Vegetables, Milk, Nuts, Berries, and other resources.

Return to the farmland each time you finish a battle to keep collecting the resources from the pets in Fire Emblem Engage. The resources you gain will start adding up but be sure to keep switching your animals after adopting more creatures around the world. They may drop even better loot on the ground. While you’re in Somniel, you may want to give Sommie a visit, who will give you extra bond fragments.

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