Fire Emblem Engage: How to fish for Bond Fragments and ingredients

Fishing: The minigame you assume is always there

If you like fishing and Fire Emblem, you’re in luck! Fire Emblem Engage has a fairly breezy and relaxing fishing minigame, which you can…engage…in after a certain point in the story. Here’s how it all works, and how to get better fishing rods as the campaign rages on.

You’ll unlock fishing at the Somniel

Fishing in Fire Emblem Engage is unlocked at the start of Chapter 10. Afterward, the pond location will have a little fishing icon on it: you can head there manually or warp there using the Somniel hub map menu (the X button). Speak to the NPC there (Alcryst) to start fishing.

Like several Somniel-based activities, you initially have a limited amount of chances to fish between missions. If you’re really digging the rewards or just like fishing in general, don’t forget to return to the Somniel hub to partake in your allotted fishing time. In addition to credit for the fishing log, you’ll also get fish ingredients and Bond Fragments from each successful catch.

Fishing itself doesn’t’ require a lot of finesse, once you have the hang of it:

  • Aim your cast with the left analog stick and press A to cast
  • When the main character says “now!” press the A button: the game will also provide a more terse rumble when you can reel the fish in (don’t be fooled by the very quick dips, those will give you a “too soon” notification and you’ll have to try again
  • Pull the fish into the bottom portion of the screen, where the light blue section of the pie is located
  • In that zone, the fish you’re trying to catch will appear stunned, with stars above their head: press the A button constantly to lower their life pool (a health bar at the top of the screen), and try not to mash the button too much, as pressing A when they’re not stunned will cause them to swim away, further from the stun zone
  • When the fish is out of stamina (life), a QTE-like prompt will appear on-screen: press the A button as the circles line up to finish the job

How to get every fishing rod in Fire Emblem Engage

Different rods are capable of catching different fish, in case you’re looking to fill your fishing log.

  • You’ll start with the original Modest Rod as part of unlocking the activity of fishing altogether
  • The Sturdy Rod will be added to the Flea Market at the start of Chapter 17 (the location of the flea market can be found in the gallery above, near the pool)
  • The Supreme Rod is added to the Flea Market at the start of Chapter 21

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