How to add up to 3 sockets on a necklace in WoW Dragonflight

It’s a bit buried inside menus, but it is there

This is it! The first raid of the expansion has been out for a while, and folks have been combing it for weeks after the initial world first attempts. It’s time to gear up. Here’s how to add up to three sockets on a necklace in WoW Dragonflight.

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You’ll acquire the recipe from the “setting” category of the jewelcrafting profession tree

To acquire the recipe/design for the Tiered Medallion Setting (necklace socketing additions), you’ll need to reach level 25 in the “setting” section of the jewelcrafting profession tree.

As a jewelcrafter, you’ll have access to the basic “setting” skill, which is the very first skill you’ll start leveling in the tree. Pump 25 points into that (while unlocking the various other trees, sans points) to unlock Tiered Medallion Setting, on top of the 25/30 rank bonus for the setting skill itself (which grants +1 skill per point).

As a reminder, an easily accessible jewelcrafting NPC can be found in Valdrakken at coordinates 38.67, 62.77.

Make sure you use the tiered socket system properly to avoid waste

So it’s a bit confusing, but hear me out. When adding sockets, you can use three different methods via the Tiered Medallion Setting:

  • Sockets for item level 385
  • Sockets for item level 400
  • Sockets for item level 415

To add your first socket to an item that doesn’t have any; use the lowest item level Tiered Medallion Setting first. Then go for the 400 setting, then go for the 415 setting. It is possible to waste setting uses if you’re not doing it in the proper order.

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