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How many ships can you own in Starfield?

It's actually less than you'd think.

If you are looking to build up an extensive stable of ships in Starfield, you’ll be wondering exactly how many you can own. It’s actually a little less than you might think, so make your plans carefully.

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How many ships can you own in Starfield?

The beautiful Kepler R ship in Starfield
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You can own ten ships in Starfield, although it is possible to own more under very specific circumstances. From my testing, you will have ten ship slots available in your inventory. You can buy a new ship as long as you have at least one slot available.

Where this gets a little odd is that you can still get an extra ship as long as the ship is free. If you can finish up a quest that rewards you with a ship, then you will still be able to accept that ship as a reward, giving you more than ten ships. Should you want to buy another ship, you then need to sell two ships to create a free slot under ten, and you will then be able to buy another ship. The maximum number of ships I have gotten to at the moment is 11, so I don’t know if you can only have one more free ship or if you can always accept a ship that is free.

Where to get free ships in Starfield

There are a range of ships that you can get for free, and just because they are free doesn’t mean they are bad. The Razorleaf is an incredible free ship that is perfectly built for smuggling goods. The Overdesigned mission can net you the Kepler R or Kepler S ship. I’d suggest the Kepler R, as it is easily the best free ship in the game. The Eagle Star is a ship that you can get by completing missions for the Freestar Collective. You can pick up a small shuttle as part of the Crimson Fleet’s questline, and if you take the Kid Stuff trait, you will get a ship called Wanderwell from your parents. Finally, starting New Game Plus will get you another ship that I won’t spoil for you here.

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