Homefront: North Korea says all your states belong to us

Yes, THQ is packing in some military type power this March with major releases in WWE All-Stars and the politically-charged Homefront.  

Homefront is poised to be a potentally controversial release, with its plot of North Korean dominance. If you attended GDC last week you would have seen a massive marketing campaign behind Homefront. The streets of downtown San Francisco was filled with everything from posters to taco trucks in support of the game.

This campaign also involved a rally outside the convention center that saw The Dillinger Escape Plan noise f*ck many of the unassuming conference goers in the area. But Destructoid was fully prepared for the carnage and musical venom that Dillinger was gonna bring. Our very special Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester wanted to be in the pit, but due to a broken foot that he got in a cage fight [Editor’s note: It was against a grizzly bear], I was put on mosh pit duty. Jon Carnage also got the chance to interview David Langeliers the Creative Manager at THQ, asking some hard-hitting questions about this controversial game.

In response to North Korea’s heinous actions I have only the famous words of Public Enemy to quote: “FIGHT THE POWER.” “Fight The Power” also happens to be the song that is being covered by The Dillinger Escape Plan for an upcoming Homefront soundtrack. Oh, and it’s not just Dillinger, but Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Dillinger working together!.The more things I learn about this game, the more I am looking forward to putting on my Captain America jacket, grabbing a PBR and killing some North Koreans for my country.

I can’t wait to see what mainstream media outlets will be saying about this game. Fox News, if you need some experts for your upcoming Homefront panels, we got a staff at Destructoid that would gladly take your freedom money. Homefront is not pulling punches with its story — by the writer of Apocalypse Now and Red Dawn — and THQ has put a lot into the brilliant marketing of this game.

Now it’s time to see if Homefront will be winning the first-person shooter war this month when it ships next week for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.. Go America, go America, go America, gooooo!!!

Neranjan Bissoon