Hold it! You need to pick up Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

No objections here

I was in high school when I first got my hands on the original Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. As a visual novel addict, it sated my thirst for something new and exciting in the handheld space, and even inspired a brief stint where I entertained fleeting thoughts that I might want to become a prosecutor myself one day.

Thankfully, I waved those thoughts away and simply powered through the game, even when it frustrated me beyond belief. The “lawyer simulator,” as it were, was novel in several ways, but memorable in many more. Back during the infancy of the DS, a time where we saw games like Feel the Magic: XY/XX and Pac-Pix hitting store shelves (where are those types of games now?) it was a magical time. Phoenix Wright still feels like part of the pack to me these days, and the Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy is just as fantastic as you remember it. 

The games are smartly untouched for the most part, offered in one downloadable package for the sake of convenience and given a series of improvements that even out the Phoenix Wright experience further. Improved animations, sprites, and audio make for a much more aesthetically sound game, and a new option to read the text at a pace you choose feels decadent. While the visuals aren’t yet on par with that of Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies, they’re crisp in a way that lovingly reminds you that these games have been infused with a special new blend of TLC for a new crop of gamers.

My complete review is still forthcoming, as I’m still wading through the trilogy, but rest assured that this is very much a respectable and enjoyable update to games that you should absolutely play when time permits. I’ll be returning with the evidence supporting this fact in a mere matter of days.

Brittany Vincent