Hitman gets physical next January

Agent 47 wants to hear your body talk

Good news for anyone waiting out on a boxed release of the newest Hitman game; IO Interactive has just announced that Hitman will be releasing January 31, 2017 on physical media. The price will be $60 for consoles and $50 on PC.

To reward your patience, the box will come with a making of documentary, a soundtrack and a steelbook case. As far as content is concerned, you’ll be getting every episode of the game, the prologue mission, contracts made by the community and bonus missions (with names like “A House Built on Sand” and “Landslide”).

There will also be a Hitman: Blood Money themed DLC included and the PS4 version will have an additional, exclusive mission dubbed “The Sarajevo Six.” That seems like a pretty “complete” game, to me.

I don’t sit well with content being exclusive to any one platform, but seeing as how the PC version is a little cheaper (and would be my preferred platform), I can rest easy knowing I’m not missing out. I never even played the dumb Assassin’s Creed II promo stuff on PS3, and L.A. Noire‘s bonus mission was utterly pointless.

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Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.