Hitman adds Contracts as Elusive Targets are pushed into April

Plus Vampire Magician challenge pack

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The new Hitman is a dope slapstick murder comedy and if you need any more proof, just read on the Hitman blog on adding “The Vampire Magician Challenge Pack,” which”features ten new challenges inspired by community activity, all requiring you to wear the Vampire Magician disguise while taking down targets using a range of different methods.” It’s coming to all three systems along with a patch (full details on that later).

As for the delay, the interesting “Elusive Targets” — targets available for limited real-world time that you only get one chance to kill succesfully — won’t come until “closer to the planned release of the next episode, Sapienza, in April.”

To make up for it, IO has, “two Escalation Contracts coming each week until the release of Sapienza,” if running through the bougie Paris fashion show is still enough to get you giggling.

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