Hitman 3 update adds the pirate hideout Ambrose Island today

Hitman 3

The new update is free for Hitman 3 owners

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Hitman 3 just got some new content today, in the form of a new map and more. Ambrose Island is a new locale that’s free for any owner of Hitman 3.

The update rolls out for anyone today, so long as they own a copy of Hitman 3 on their platform of choice. That does include Game Pass subscription owners, according to IO Interactive’s announcement. The only exception is the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack, which does not get access to Ambrose Island.

The patch rolled out at 9 a.m. ET this morning, on July 26, and is included in the patch. No need to download anything extra from the store.

As for what Agent 47 is getting up to in these tropical islands? Well, the opening cinematic released today can give you a clue. A former associate of Mr. Grey’s needs taking care of, and that will have to include dealing with a local pirate syndicate and disrupting a satellite connection along the way.

With the update, there are also some new tools and challenges. A special wetsuit and massive machete are among the rewards. There’s also a gas grenade with a poisonous frog trapped inside. And heck, even a fishing hook. Plus, new starting locations, stashes, and more await.

The future of Hitman

While this brings a new locale and likely plenty of mayhem to Hitman 3, there’s also more in store. IO Interactive has also been refreshing old content as well, adding new challenges and unlockable items.

Plus, the evolving Freelancer mode is planned for somewhere further off in the future. It seems like the World of Assassination is not quite done with Hitman and Agent 47 yet. There will always be targets in need of taking down, bodies in need of a hiding place, and a runway to walk as notorious fashion icon Helmut Kruger.

The Ambrose Island location is live now for Hitman 3 owners.

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