Hitman 3 July roadmap includes a new location, Ambrose Island

Hitman 3 Ambrose Island

Agent 47 deals with a mild pirate problem

IO Interactive is bringing more content to Hitman in the coming month, including a new map to explore. Ambrose Island arrives on July 26 for Hitman 3 owners, as part of the July content rollout.

Ambrose Island is an uncharted island in the Andaman Sea. It’s home to a pirate syndicate, and Agent 47 will be arriving to help an old friend rectify their mistake. It’s a full-on new sandbox map: new targets, gameplay, and rewards all await. Plus, there has got to be some hidden treasure there, right?

Between the quiet town, the rope bridges, and the dangerous lookouts, it seems like a ripe area to explore for adventurous would-be assassins. Ambrose Island is free DLC for all Hitman 3 owners as well.

The road ahead

There’s other content coming to Hitman 3 and the World of Assassination pack this month, too. July’s free location rotation is Bangkok, a location from the first Hitman in 2016. The Revolutionary and the Food Critic are this month’s Elusive Targets, with the former from July 8 through 18 and the latter from July 15 through 25. The Revolutionary requires a Hitman 2 Access Pass, while the critic requires a Hitman 1 GOTY Access Pass.

The Elusive Target Arcade also gets an update on July 14, with a shiny new katana to unlock. Beat any of the batches to get it. And then paint the walls neon with the katana. It’s not the stealthiest option, unless you’re attending a neon rave with a samurai theme, but it looks cool. Plus, on July 21, some pirate-themed Feature Contracts will roll out too.

While the Freelancer mode for Hitman 3 has been pushed a bit further down the line, Ambrose Island seems like a good enough excuse to return to Hitman 3. The post-launch levels for the Hitman reboot trilogy have been solid so far, and I really just want to see what bizarre eliminations IO has cooked up for a pirate island.

Ambrose Island goes live for Hitman 3 owners on July 26.

Eric Van Allen