Highlights from the Destructoid Community 07/06/08

This past week, Teta decided to take it up a notch and draw the entire Destructoid team. This is just part one as a few of the editors aren’t in the drawing. Hit the jump to see the second half and check out the gallery for the final images of Teta drawings.
Ron Workmeng interviews some meng, LordRegulus’ game is finished, ImpossiblePlant makes some awesome drawings, dephect unlocks the parenthood achievement and much more happened in the Destructoid community this past week. 

Here’s the second half of Teta’s Destructoid staff drawing. Thanks for being awesome Teta. Now send me a copy so I can frame that shit! 
I love when you guys explain stuff using pictures. Case in point, Y0j1mb0 gives a recap to some of the stuff that happened during the MGO match with Dtoiders. Speaking of which, poor Teta couldn’t join. He tried so many times in fact, that he went back in time accidentally.  
The Oklahoma Video Game Expo is taking place early next month and nilcam wants to know who’s interested in attending. There’s going to be a lot of old school stuff to buy and it only costs $3 to get in.  
wwjd4bbque has an awesome girlfriend. Any guy that has a girlfriend that shares the same passion for videogames is lucky. Anyway, KARMACON brought home some old school games and … um, something about five vaginas.  
Cowzilla3 has been using Wii Fit for the last few weeks to see if it will help him get in shape. From the looks of the latest photos, Wii Fit is really helping him out.

Ron Workmeng being interviewing some meng, meng.

LordRegulus’ game is finished! Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but I shall sometime this week. Check it out yourself and let Lord know what you think of the game.  

Say hello to ImpossiblePlant, future wife of ConradZimmerman and artist extraordinar. ImpossiblePlant has come bearing gifts and has made a couple of amazing pieces staring Mr. Destructoid and Colette Bennett. Scientist tz then took the Mr. Destructoid piece and made a Arkham Horror game piece … or something. I don’t know board games.  

Happy birthday shout outs go to Haxan and King3vbo

Here’s the boxart for Dead Space. How this wasn’t put on the front page is beyond me. It’s a freaking dead hand! So awesome. 

Rio McCarthy is an Internet superstar! Her Okami hat has appeared on a couple of big name sites. She’s becoming so famous! The hat is sold out at the moment, but Rio is going to restock her store soon.

FailCast Episode 12 with special guests ConradZimmerman, Impossible Plant, and Hitogoroshi talk about stuff. 

It’s a new month, so that means a new Educate Yourself has started up. This month, Cowzilla3 wants people to play Fallout. Check out his blog for all the details.  

aborto thefetus has made a Dtoid wallpaper. It’s pretty. 

And speaking of aborto, here’s the latest update on who’s attending San Diego Comic Con.  

A big congratulations goes out to the dephect as his daughter was born on the 4th of July.

The Young Scot made this awesome montage of the Euro Halo 3 FNF from this past Friday. I had more fun watching this video then actually playing Halo 3 with the Euro FNFers. There’s this picture recap by Gibbo to check out too.
The start of the new month also brings the updated completed games list by Necros.
deiga-the-semivaliant is going off to China for a month. Enjoy the cooked rats and knock off items deiga!  
Hamza Aziz