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I'm off to the land of Pandas and Commies.

Yes, fellow D-toiders, I'm traveling to China for a month.

I'm pretty stoked, actually, because this means I will have traveled to the three main east Asian countries (S. Korea, Japan, and China). Of course, I'm also apprehensive, because unlike Korean and Japanese, I have NO IDEA how to speak in Mandarin, Cantonese or any of the various Chinese languages. But I'll try my best, and hopefully find a kind soul who understands a little English.

So how does this trip of mine relate to my blog here on Destructoid? As us gamers know, The Great Wall and tacky-as-hell decor aren't the only things China is known for; I, of course, am talking about video game knock-offs. While in China, I hope to find, document, and maybe even purchase, as many of them as I can find. Of course, I have a limited budget, so that third option won't happen very much, but I can assure you I'll try to purchase a Vii.

One snag in my planned documentation is the limited Internet access I'll have while in China. Due to all the crazy commie proxy servers every computer runs through over there, it's difficult to access western content, including Destructoid. I'll try the best I can, but I'll most likely have to wait til I get back before I can post pictures or blogs.

There's also the fact that this guy has already documented a LOT of Chinese knock-offs, so I'm hoping to find something he hasn't listed already.

I'm really excited to witness these gaming abominations in person, and I fully expect the experience to enlighten me.


And if you happen to come across any international news about a Korean American tourist tearing some shit up in the Land of the Dragons, know that I'm doing it for you, Destructoid.
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