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Educate Yourself: Destructoid's Classic Game of the Month Club, Month 4


Sorry for this being incredibly late and super short but I have absolutely no time with planning stuff for E3 and an extra paper being put out in the coming weeks. I'm pretty much swamped beyond belief until after the ol's triple E. But that doesn't mean I shall fail you by not delivering a classic game to play this month. Last month we had an awesome time FNFing it up and plenty of people jumped on board and played some Castlevania even if not that many blogged about it. I apologize for not linking back to the blogs that did but but I kept shitty track this month and the blog search isn't turning them thanks to the numerous posts about Castlevania DS games and fighting games. Anyway, I hope some people popped in what turned out to be an amazing game that really shows what true quality level and game design are...and is impossibly hard. I still have no clue how Merry Ho got through the game so quickly. I bow to his skillz.

But enough of the past. Onwards and upwards!

I hear Fallout is pretty good. Got some sort of following or something. People rabid over the third game. Do you know why? I sure as hell don't because I'm not a computer gamer and never have been (except for Myst) so this one completely flew by me. But Post apocolyptic RPG sounds both original and fun as hell. Plus I am almost 100 percent positive that my POS laptop will be able to play this game thanks to the fact that it is old as old.

But age doesn't mean a lack of quality (I hope). Especially when the third in the series is coming out soon and going to be compeltley different or something. I for one want to know what those differences will be. Once again, knowing your roots is the main point of this and it seems to me that Fallout has some of the strongest roots around. Few games truly get what can be described as a cult following but this one definitely has it and I hope to find out why. Don't you want to know too?

The final reason I chose this game is because I'm told it's an RPG that can be beaten really quickly or painstakingly slowly depending on what you want to do. I want to play plenty of RPGs for Educate Yourself and we will but I also realize not many people have the time to kick through 40 hours of gameplay since there are so many other games distracting them. Thus Fallout is a great first RPG since it can be completed relatively quickly and once we do one we'll all know how to manage our time around it and then we can dive head first into things like Earthbound, Secret of Mana and whatever FF game I decide to play.

So get ready to do it like Mad Max and pop those ancient CDs into your CD-ROM drives. It's time to Educate Yourself.

Where to Get It
Amazon - $30
Ebay - $14-$25
Our download page is sadly MIA as someone had to get a job doing lawyer things and thinks he'll get in trouble because he works for the man now. Fuck the man!

Talk about it

Blog About It!
Remember if you see something cool in the game write something about it. Get a conversation going. Remind us all of your best Fallout memories. Get some writing done! This is as good a reason as any.

I'm not sure how it's going to work this month but it should be on Friday the 25.
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