Highlights from the Destructoid Community 04/06/08

Today’s gaming setup belongs to maxio098ui. First thing you’ll notice is that it’s extremely messy. Hey, if you can still get to all of your games with no issues, then who cares how messy it is. As you can see, he also has a spiffy arcade cabinet. Your collection can never be complete until you have at least one cabinet. More pictures on maxio098ui’s C-Blog.

Sorry for the little delay folks. I was in Cancun, which has completely destroyed my sleep cycle. Granted, I think the pictures from the week are going to destroy me more than the sleep issue. Hit the jump for the recaps.  

Nessie visited the Wii for Women event that various Best Buys had going on last weekend. It was all a B.S. event really and unless you got lucky like Nessie and watched someone get knocked out with a Wiimote, they were all mostly boring.

Jim Sterling is looking for new ideas for the Podcastle. The rape baby boxing league sounds like a winner.

free touch shows off his skills yet again with his custom Halo 3 skull he made. This skull is based of the Grunt Birthday Party skull that once activated, will make confetti fly out of Grunts and children to yell happily if you get a head shot on the Grunts. 

The last UK NARP looked like a blast. Seth338 made a couple of blogs covering both nights and the photos of Wardrox are hilarious. Wardrox also said something about this. Not sure, I try not to read his blogs. 

Dick McVengeance has shared some details of his life in Japan. His first few days there was extremely awkward with the whole language barrier and all. Still though, he’s in a country he loves and looks to be having a great time otherwise.

Excremento bestows upon us another one of his Weird Kid’s Top 10 list. In this one, he takes a look at 10 classic NES games that required you to leave your system on until you get beat them. I did this with Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast. Yes, I know the system had a memory card. I still had to do it.  

Cowzilla3, will you never stop amazing me with your awesome ideas? His latest one involves getting the community together to play a classic game a month, sort of like a book of the month club. This months classic game is Kid Icarus and ideas on what to write and where to get the game can be found on his blog.

Conrad Zimmerman is getting married! He asked his girlfriend on April Fools day of all days and she said yes. Not only that, but he asked her by the Dick in the Box method. Conrad is truly a man’s man. 

Genki-JAM has released his album … sort of. Well, not really. It’s still funny to listen to all of his imitations though.   

Being in the industry, you get to see a lot of crazy shit happen that has nothing to do with videogames. Husky Hog and I got to hang out with a few industry guys at a horrible horrible horrible Sushi place and this was the end result.  
Kotaku is holding a Easter Egg contest asking readers to use eggs to make videogame scenes. jkh13 made this awesome Portal scene and shared it with us before it makes its appearance on Kotaku.  
ceark has given me a retro boner. ceark’s bought a ton of classic NES stuff and Master System stuff, some of which are really hard to find these days. Pretty much an awesome find. 

Wardox is getting too much love here today. Erm, I mean, Teta draws that amazing wanker, Wardrox for his weekly drawing deal.  
Buck F1tches is amazing. I’m sorry, but there is no one on in this community that can touch the level of epicness that Buck has. This has nothing to do with videogames, but it’s amazing nonetheless. It’s one thing to Rick Roll people, but you’re taking it to a whole new extreme when you’re Rick Rolling deaf people.  
nintendoll shared some horror stories from working at a retail game store. I’ve pretty much experienced everything she brought up on her blog and I just lose faith in humanity every time something like this comes up. At least we’re in a room full of videogames that helps deal with the pain a little. 
Japanator’s Zac Bentz interviewed Freezepop. Go listen
Now that I looked at bleep’s blog, I guess there is a way to get pretty close to Buck’s epic level. And that’s by remixing Buck in a music video! bleep, you are one talented dude.
Finally, Happy Birthdays to CypherVR, Genk-JAM, and most importanly, happy birthday to me. I’m a shark, suck my blogs

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