High Voltage creating a ‘new standard’ for Wii development

Like we said earlier this week, the guys behind The Conduit aren’t afraid to say what they’re thinking. In a recent interview with VideoGamer, High Voltage’s chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger turned the dial up to 11 when talking about the impact of The Conduit on Wii development and teasing High Voltage’s to-be-announced title at E3.

“I think we’ve made a new standard for many publishers and developers, and hopefully if consumers get out and support it we’ll see a lot more publishers and developers trying to the same,” Nofsinger said. “But I will say that with our future games we’re prepared to go much further.”

How far could High Voltage shoot? We don’t know — we don’t have our hands on the retail version of The Conduit. But we like this attitude. Much love High Voltage and please do push the Wii to its limits.

Brad BradNicholson