Here’s the latest way to region unlock your 3DS

Catch it before Nintendo does

Last November, Nintendo talked a little about rethinking their policies of region locking. Seems like common sense to me. The gains they’d make in consumer goodwill by allowing a few games to more easily make it overseas would undoubtedly outweigh the losses.

In the meantime, there are methods like Regionthree to get by the region locks on your 3DS right now. While I haven’t tested the method seen above, it’s reportedly legit. In fact, a lot of people are a little upset that videogame blogs (like this one) are posting about it, as we’re making it more likely that Nintendo will catch wind of this method and put the kibosh on it. 

Is it really worth to kill this, Nintendo? If it were about piracy, I’d understand, but this is just region unlocking from what I can tell. This is for people that want get games like Rhythm Heaven 3DS that you may not ever choose to localize. Is it really worth your time, money and energy to make their lives slightly worse?

‘RegionThree’, a fan-made hack that does away with region locking on 3DS [Gonintendo]

Jonathan Holmes
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