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Here’s some info on Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

A pair of paradoxes

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Walking Wake and Iron Leaves are brand-new Pokemon added to Scarlet & Violet following the February 2023 Pokemon Presents presentation. With names like that, you already know that these two monsters are Paradox Pokemon along the same lines as Roaring Moon and Iron Bundle. If you’d like to learn more about, check out our detailed guide here!

If you’re curious to see what Walking Wake and Iron Leaves bring to the table, check out our catches below.

Walking Wake’s moves and stats

This prehistoric Suicune’s movepool is faithful to what is uses during the Tera Raid encounter. Once you catch it, Walking Wake will know these moves by default:

  • Hydro Stream
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Noble Roar
  • Flamethrower

Hydro Stream is the major selling point here. This is a unique Water-Type move for Walking Wake that actually increases in power during harsh sunlight. This synergizes well with the Protosynthesis ability, which requires harsh sunlight or a Booster Energy to activate. Other notable attacks in its movepool include Breaking Swipe and Hydro Pump.

Furthermore, here are its stats:

  • HP – 234
  • Attack – 152
  • Defense – 164
  • Sp. Atk – 201
  • Sp. Def – 152
  • Speed – 191

As you can see, Walking Wake is predominately a special attacker. Its base stat total is 590, putting it on par with Roaring Moon. My Walking Wake came with the Hardy nature, and there are no special marks on Walking Wake by default.

Iron Leaves’ moves and stats

Iron Leaves also features a mostly identical movepool to its raid counterpart. Here are its default attacks:

  • Psyblade
  • Leaf Blade
  • Megahorn
  • Swords Dance

Psyblade is another new move to Scarlet & Violet. This is a physical Psychic-Type attack that deals bonus damage in electric terrain, again synergizing with the Quark Drive ability. That said, it naturally can remember powerful Fighting-Type moves like Close Combat and Sacred Sword. At level 91, Iron Leaves can learn the powerful Grass-Type attack Solar Blade.

Now for Iron Leaves’ stats.

  • HP – 243
  • Attack – 245
  • Defense – 160
  • Sp. Atk – 108
  • Sp. Def – 190
  • Speed – 177

My Iron Leaves came with Adament nature, which is exactly what you’d want for a physical attacker. Otherwise, there are no special marks just like Walking Wake. Its base stats also amount to 590.

Do Walking Wake and Iron Leaves count in the Paldean Pokedex?

Nope! Even though these are new Paradox Pokemon, my Pokedex is still capped out at 400 monsters. They may show up in the Pokedex proper after the DLC for Scarlet & Violet come out later this year.

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