How to get Booster Energy in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduce many new held Items to the franchise, but Booster Energy is its most enigmatic.

Before I go any further, this item is linked to major spoilers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If that worries you, know that you’ll eventually find this item if you keep completing story objectives. I’ll keep descriptions as vague as I can but read ahead with caution.

This item is designed exclusively for Paradox Pokemon to use, which are introduced late in Scarlet & Violet. These Pokemon have the unique abilities Protosynthesis and Quark Drive, which boosts each monster’s highest stat under certain terrain. Booster Energy circumvents this requirement and triggers these abilities instantly, which has major implications for competitive play. Combined with the nearly pseudo-legendary stat totals of Paradox Pokemon, you have potential to lay some serious hurt down with the right strategy.

Naturally, you must be wondering where you can find an item with such major implications. Believe it or not, it’d be harder not find it. That said, there are a few caveats.

Where to find Booster Energy.

You’ll find Booster Energy at the bottom of the Great Crater of Paldea. This zone will be completely inaccessible to you until you complete all three core storylines at the heart of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. You’ll need to be around level 65 to measure up to the Pokemon here, though you should be around that threshold by the time you arrive.

When you finally reach Lab Zero, you’ll trigger several cutscenes that lead into the final battle. Before you take the elevator down, you’ll find a glowing item in some rubble. This is your guaranteed Booster Energy, and you’ll want to treasure it. If you want extra copies, you’ll have to grind for them.

All Paradox Pokemon have a 5% chance to spawn holding Booster Energy. Fortunately, since the Booster Energy item is used immediately in battle, you’ll be able to tell if a Wild Paradox Pokemon has it right away. Initiate an encounter with any wild Pokemon, and if you don’t see the message indicating a Booster Energy was used, run and find another Pokemon to encounter. Paradox Pokemon can be found all throughout The Great Crater of Paldea after the credits roll, so you can pick any spot in the area to farm it.

Be careful if you are leading your hunt with Pokemon like Koraidon or Miraidon. Their abilities will override Booster Energy, meaning you’ll have no way of knowing if the enemy Pokemon is carrying it.

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