Here’s how Yelan (out today) works in Genshin Impact


She has a few comprehensive videos at this point

Yelan is the big star of Genshin Impact’s 2.7 update, and following a story reveal, we now have a ton of info on her gameplay nuances.

As a hydro bow user, Yelan hails from Liyue, and represents the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Her gimmick involves charging aimed shots out of combat, as well as firing off an ability that scales based on her HP (making her easy to build for), and she’s armed with one of the coolest looking elemental bursts in the game (that deals area-of-effect hydro damage). Thematically, her passive grants her 25% extra rewards if you put her in a 20-hour Liyue expedition.

Once again, miHoYo has done a fantastic job of selling me on a character. On paper I didn’t really have much interest in picking up Yelan, but her “Shadow in the Rain” clip has so much style to it, and I’m getting Fujiko Mine vibes from her personality (the music contributes to it). You can watch nearly 10 minutes of footage below and make the decision on your own!

She headlines the 2.7 update, which is out now (it released late last night in the US). We’re getting closer and closer to the big 3.0 expansion.

Here’s the big six-minute rundown of Yelan:

And here’s a shorter, flashier character demo:

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