Here’s a closer look at Yelan, the new Genshin Impact hydro archer

Genshin Impact Yelan

They’re out on May 31 with the new update

Developer miHoYo just put out a new Genshin Impact Yelan trailer, which shows off the core new five-star character that’s set to debut in update 2.7.

As usual, it looks like the studio has knocked it out of the park, as Yelan is essentially coming out of nowhere and making an…impact. As a five-star hydro archer, she’ll join Kuki Shinobu (a four-star electro support) as the main gang of update 2.7. A “drumalong rhythm game,” a new Archon Quest taking place in the Chasm, and Xiao/Arataki Itto banner re-runs are on the menu come May 31, too.

What I love about Genshin is how much variety there is when it comes to the cast. Anything is possible, from criminal underlords to magical girls, to stalwart shonen types. And somehow, the team manages to craft characters with a heavy mix of personality and unique gameplay abilities — but when those characters are tied to gacha elements, making them as enticing as possible is part of the craft.

Get a load of Yelan below, and a full rundown of her moveset here.

Here’s the cinematic Genshin Impact Yelan character teaser to get some insight into their personality:

And here’s some cold hard gameplay of Yelan:

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