Here is a look at Marth and Chrom in Fire Emblem Warriors

Marth, Chrom, and others

While the initial reveal for Fire Emblem Warriors was hardly even a real preview, Famitsu was lucky enough to get more information about the game and its roster just yesterday. Along with confirming the dual protagonists, it looks like Warriors won’t be doing much to celebrate the years in between major Fire Emblem titles. That is kind of a shame.

Famitsu has uploaded some screenshots from the game that show off Marth, Chrom, and both Sion and Lian. I’m not sure why the quality is so low, but this certainly looks like a game with Fire Emblem characters.

Either way, I’m pretty excited for the idea of another Nintendo themed Warriors game. I loved Hyrule Warriors and I’m sure that typical Nintendo polish will be all over this new game.

Fire Emblem Warriors Gets Its First Screenshots Of Twin Protagonists, Plus Marth, And Chrom [Siliconera]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.