Here are most of Amazon’s Black Friday videogame deals, all in one place

But the stores are so much more fun

Without exaggeration, Black Friday’s sincerely my favorite day of the year. That said, it might surprise you to find out that I rarely buy anything on the single busiest shopping day. I love it because I’m a people watcher. When else can you see two middle-aged women ready to shank each other over moderate savings on laundry detergent?

My Black Friday excursions aren’t about fighting crowds; they’re about blending into crowds. They’re about observing how consumeristic frenzy will cause people to behave. Sometimes it’s civil and well-mannered. Sometimes people act like fucking animals.

That’s why Amazon’s such a Black Friday bummer. No one angrily hits F5 too hard, and if they do, I’m not there to see it. But, some people might not enjoy the 4 a.m. foray into the retail fray, so online’s the way to go. If you’re one of those, you might find something worthwhile in all of these videogame deals that Amazon has. Just know that you’re contributing to the decline and potential of my social Schadenfreude.

There’s a series of revolving lightning deals that might be worth checking out too. Also, Amazon hates Wii U, apparently.

Brett Makedonski
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