Here are all the Smash Bros. color variants, including a bad one

Well, except for the secret characters — we spoiler free here

People have their hands on the full 3DS Super Smash Bros. and all sorts of fun is coming from that, including a breakdown of all the alternate color variants for non-secret characters. 

Quick, open the full image (it’s massive), browse a bit, then come back and see if you’ve predicted which one annoys me. 

There are some neat ones. Daisy Peach is funny. We already knew Samus has some nice ones. Tan, headband Pikachu is sweet. Hoodie and wireframe Little Mac are neat. Some fly dressing Captain Falcons. Okay, so which one am I being whiny about? Did you guess American Flag Mario? If you did, you are right. 

I want to pull a Vlade Divac and rip that god damn flag from his chest. 

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