HBO’s The Last of Us has been renewed for a second season

We all saw this one coming

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us has been one of the biggest hits for the platform in about a decade, garnering a staggering 10 million viewers within the first two days of the premiere alone, as well as gaining the most viewers from a first to second episode of any show ever on HBO. It pretty much felt like the show was going to get a renewal as soon as we saw the success of the premiere episode, so the writing was on the wall with this one. We haven’t gotten any other official info from the announcement so far — we just know Season 2 will be on the way.

As far as the content of Season 2, we know as per the show’s creators that it will be covering the events of The Last of Us Part II, as this first season will come to a close along with the first game’s story. One thing to consider is that the sequel is considerably longer than its predecessor — over double the length in terms of hours — so there’s a chance that they’ll need more than one season to tackle its narrative. In an interview from The Hollywood Reporter, Neil Druckmann revealed that they don’t have any plans for the show’s story to go beyond the games.

Personally, I think my viewing experience of The Last of Us will have to end with Season 1. My curiosity is enough to carry me through as of now, but I don’t think I’ll have it in me to sit through a whole other season — especially because the story of Part II wasn’t my favorite to begin with. As a fan, I’m happy to see the franchise thriving, but I’ve spent so much time thinking and talking about it, I think it’s time to move on for a while after I finish covering Season 1.

Noelle Warner
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