Hands-on: DualPenSports for the 3DS

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DualPenSports is made up seven sport mini-games which are soccer, boxing, archery, basketball, baseball, skiiing and power gliding. The key difference with this game from other sport game collections is that you’ll need to use two styluses in order to play the games.

In the archery game, you’ll use your left hand to pull back the string on your bow. You’ll use your right hand to fire and aim your cursor at the target. In the boxing game, left stylus is used for left punches and right stylus is used for right punches.

The controls do work out well and it makes better sense to use two styluses when the games ramp up in speed. Still, it’s a weird concept overall as the 3DS touch screen can only register one touch at a time. Hopefully DualPenSports comes with an extra stylus. Namco PR wouldn’t confirm if it will.

DualPenSports will be out this Spring for the 3DS. Check out the boxing and soccer videos below.

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