Halo Infinite will seemingly feature Halo Wars 2’s enemy

This is Atriox, you’re not gonna be friends

Spartans have spent the better part of two decades putting the Covenant in their place. If it’s not Covenant, it’s mostly the Flood and Sentinels that are causing problems for the UNSC. However, you’d have to play one of the non-FPS Halo side-games to be acclimated with one of the enemy factions in Halo Infinite.

Today, the Halo Twitter account posted the following cryptic tease:

That’s the voice of Atriox who’s the leader of the Banished. Atriox and the Banished were introduced in Creative Assembly’s Halo Wars 2 as a faction that splintered off from and rebelled against the Covenant. Here’s some additional reading on the deep lore of the Banished if you’re so inclined.

Whether the Banished step up front and center remains to be seen — although, it seems tough to imagine a mainline Halo game wouldn’t position the Covenant as the primary bad guys once again. Xbox has promised a first look at gameplay during its July event. Maybe there we’ll learn a little more about Atriox and his crusade to violently obliterate everything he comes across.

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