Halo Infinite campaign co-op pushed further back into August

Halo Infinite campaign co-op

As previously confirmed, it won’t arrive with season 2

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Halo Infinite campaign co-op will be arriving in August, a new 343 Industries blog update has fully confirmed.

The news comes directly following the acknowledgment that the gametype would not make it in for season 2’s launch, but now we have a more clear window in mind. Interestingly, the developer didn’t elaborate too much on the exact details of co-op play, other than saying “it’s being worked on.”

The soft August confirmation was mostly done by a 2022 roadmap image actually, and it’s a “late August target” at that. Breaking it down, that’s “end of August, possibly September” we’re looking at, which is a “target.” That target can still move! Maybe we’ll get Halo Infinite campaign co-op in time for Christmas/winter break. That includes the “campaign mission replay” mechanic too, also slated for “late August,” followed by a Forge mode open beta in September (all targets).

In the near future, the new Catalyst (Arena) and Breaker (big team battle) maps are coming when season 2 arrives on May 3, with the interference alpha pack arrive twice throughout the season as a “narrative event.” The new 100-tier battle pass will trigger during season 2, and the “Fracture: Entrenched” even runs from May 24 through May 30.

Season 2 will run through November 7, so those aforementioned targets can actually fall that far back and still technically allow 343 to launch co-op in “season 2.”

Halo Infinite campaign co-op

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