Gross: Resident Evil Revelations has an underwater level

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We had heard a bit about some underwater action before for upcoming game Resident Evil Revelations, but I was hoping for the best. I was hoping the water segment was some quick break from the standard action, but it sounds like the developers want to put their environmental hazards idea into place with this game, and so we’re going to have to dive in. Great. I hate water levels!

Capcom revealed last week that we’ll have to hit the water in the game’s cruise ship section. We’ll have to swim underwater with full 360 degree control, which means I’m going to get lost and become scared. Rely On Horror says that we’ll be using a light to brighten the darker depths of the sea, and that we’ll acquire special underwater weapons. Harpoons? To top it all off, it sounds like air supply management will come into play, which means that I’ll do this thing where I feel like I’m suffocating in real life. Flashbacks of Sonic (scary music!), Mario and Zelda (temple) underwater sessions are coming back.

Here’s the biggest kick in the balls for me: The boss is rumored to be a Giant Squid. To recap, I’m scared of water, hate water levels, feel lost in the dark, get choked when air supply is limited, and I’ve always had a thing about giant creepy squid. This is going to be my favorite game ever.

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