‘Grim Reaper’s Sprint’ Perk wins design a Perk for Fallout 3 contest

Today, Bethesda have announced the winner of the “Fallout 10th Anniversary Contest,” where they asked fans to design a Perk for Fallout 3.

Marc-André Deslongchamps is the lucky winner with his “Grim Reaper’s Sprint” Perk, which will restore all action points whenever an opponent is killed. The Perk will appear in Fallout 3 when it’s released next Fall. Bethesda received 17,000 entries, and the winner (and the 11 runners up) were chosen based on originality and their names. Anything with “Beserk” in it was immediately cut, and for every Perk that had the word “Destructoid” in it, Bethsesda placed one bag of flaming poop our porch. 

If you’re interested in seeing what people who were more clever than you were came up with, check out the winners at the official Fallout site.

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