Gotham Knights showcases its PC features in new trailer

gotham knights four-player co-op

Multi-monitor support and a bevy of graphics options

The Bat-Family’s new escapades aren’t far off now. Today, WB Montreal released a new trailer highlighting some of the options PC players will have for their crimefighting ventures in Gotham Knights.

In a special PC trailer, we get to see some more of the crew in action, as well as footage captured using the PC version. Gotham Knights will support 4K resolution and ultra-high frame rate options, as well as ray traced reflections.

WB Games also confirms that Gotham Knights will have Intel’s XeSS A.I.-enhanced upscaling as an option. More options are shown in the trailer, including a menu full of toggles like resolution render and FPS limits, as well TAA upsample and more.

Particularly cool is the option to support ultrawide and multi-monitor PC setups for Gotham Knight. You know, so you can play the new Bat game on a Batcave-style computer layout.

Basically, there are a bunch of tools and toggles for making the Bat-family’s fight for Gotham look really pretty.

The fight for Gotham

Gotham Knights is the new title from WB Games Montreal. Rather than following Batman like other Arkham-style games, though, this one sees the associated Bat-crew taking up his mantle after Bruce’s untimely departure.

Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, and Red Hood are all playable, and the story looks set to focus in on the mysterious Court of Owls. Still, today’s trailer is a reminder that we won’t just be seeing owl masks all the time; other villains like Mr. Freeze and Harley Quinn will also be showing up to cause some chaos.

The added PC options are nice to see, especially as Gotham Knights is focusing on the current generation of console hardware. Hopefully it results in a good-looking Gotham to roam around in.

Gotham Knights lands for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S on October 21.

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