Dino school story Goodbye Volcano High gets a summer launch window

Goodbye Volcano HIgh

Not quite extinct

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Songs, drama, and fond memories are all flooding back for one indie narrative game. Goodbye Volcano High has resurfaced with a trailer and a launch window.

The dino teen drama got some notice when it took the stage during a PlayStation showcase in 2020. The project’s been in development since, with the release window shifting in the meantime. Now, Goodbye Volcano High is aiming for a summer 2023 launch.

Alongside the news today is a trailer, showing off some of what’s in store for the prehistoric school year. While the art direction is an immediate draw for some, today’s trailer also spotlights gameplay from KO_OP’s story.

There’s dialogue options, which will likely have some ramifications down the line for Fang, the lead. Or maybe jamming to music’s more your style, or taking photos. When the cataclysm is nigh, what should you do with your time?

Meteoric rise

That’s the crux of Goodbye Volcano High: the world is ending, an era is being put to a close. So what do you do with the time remaining? It’s a bit heavy, for sure.

But as someone who hadn’t been sold on the concept just yet, today’s trailer has honestly won me over a bit. The music is fantastic, and all the style added to dialogue, rhythm, and other segments give Goodbye Volcano High a bit of added flair. I’ve seen some narrative games do impressive things with how they stylize basic chats and conversations.

If making the most of life’s little dramas before imminent doom sounds up your alley, Goodbye Volcano High is aiming for a summer 2023 launch.

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