Goodbye! BoxBoy! details its amiibo plans, including Kirby costumes


Goodbye! BoxBoy!, the third and as of now final entry in the BoxBoy series is no longer shrouded in mystery, as Nintendo flipped the switch on the website and moved it out of teaser mode.

Now we know that Goodbye! will have full amiibo support, will span 150 stages (and 40 challenge levels), and will support the Miiverse (RIP). As for the former feature if you opt to use the bundled Qbby amiibo, you’ll morph the game into a monochrome Game Boy style color scheme. Right now only Kirby amiibo are supported beyond the main character.

It sounds like the most fully-packed version yet, so hopefully people will actually notice this series this time around.

Goodbye! BoxBoy! [Nintendo]

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