Go to Burger King for a heart attack/Nintendo toy combo

I saw a commercial for this stuff the other night, but now there are pretty pictures to write about as well. Burger King is upholding the time-honored tradition of coaxing children into obesity with the promise of toys by offering a new range of Nintendo-themed goodies alongside its Kid’s Meal.

There are ten of the little bastards to collect, and according to Burger King, each one does “something awesome.” Unfortunately, none of them can make Carnival Games disappear from the Wii’s library. Anyway, if you feel like being a total baby, here’s something for you to do when you get off from work today. 

None of these look like they’ll beat those old awesome Mario toys though. You remember the ones? They had a Goomba that did a backflip and a springy Raccoon Mario. That was back when toys from fast food restaurants ruled. 

Don’t even get me started on the French Fries that could TURN INTO A ROBOT!

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