Gizmodo hates 360 movie store too

Looks like the raping of more than a few people is taking place with the new Microsoft Movie Marketplace service. What’s worse, is that these problems are happening to the worst people Microsoft could piss off — pseudo-journalists with huge audiences. Besides my own troubles, the peeps at Gizmodo got completely pwned. Here are a few good words of wisdom from the site before you go droppin’ points on anything:

Speeds Should Get Better…Maybe: The system is getting hammered, and downloads are going slug-slow, or failing all together. The service stopped my movie download half way, and wouldn’t download more unless I bought it again. Then I tried buying an HD movie, which failed, but took my cash anyhow (see image)

If the system knows it took my money without showing me what it had to show me, don’t you think you should give me a refund?

Other things I’ve learned:

•You can’t FF or Skip Chapters in a movie until its completely downloaded.

•Also, downloaded movies can’t be re-downloaded, even within your rental period.

•You can’t download movies on other machines if you’re within your grace period, either.

•There are no movie menus, ala DVD.

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