Gizmo now live in MultiVersus, gameplay shows off Mogwai mayhem

gizmo multiversus trailer

And you can play him even AFTER midnight

Player First Games has released the newest character for its platform brawler MultiVersus, which is currently enjoying a very, very popular open beta on PC and consoles — Climbing out of his ornate box and into your hearts, it’s Gizmo, the cuddly critter from Joe Dante’s 1984 classic, Gremlins.

As we reported yesterday, Gizmo is a support class character, designed to help bolster the abilities of his in-match teammates. Gizmo’s “Song of the Mogwai” sees our pal warble his cute little ditty, conjuring up music notes that can damage the opposition, while “Gizmo-a-Go-Go” sees the Mogwai cling to his partner, cleansing them of all current debuffs while hanging on for the ride. Of course, it would not be Gizmo without his iconic “Hunter’s Bow”, an improvised weapon utilized at the climax of movie sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. The bow can also be charged for flaming Tippex glory.

Gizmo is available to purchase in MultiVersus today, and will be followed by further Season One characters at a later date. These will include Rick of Rick & Morty fame, DC Comics’ anti-hero Black Adam, and Gizmo’s arch nemesis, Stripe himself. As previously noted, dataminers have also discovered clues pertaining to further, unannounced characters, you can check out these spoilers in our previous article.

MultiVersus is available in open beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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