Gizmo arrives in MultiVersus tomorrow, packing his hunting bow

He’s your worst nightmare

Tomorrow sees the next pop culture superstar join the roster of Warner Bros. Games’ MultiVersus. The popular crossover fighter will welcome the mischievous Mogwai Gizmo to its ranks, joining a star-studded crossover cast including characters from Game of Thrones, DC Comics, Steven Universe, and more.

While developer Player First Games is yet to release an official gameplay trailer for the gremlin, it has revealed Gizmo’s gameplay card, which reveals that the Mogwai is a Support class character with an array of moves to attack his foes and aid his partners. Gizmo will come equipped with his Rambo-style “Hunter’s Bow”, as seen in the climax of 1990 sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch. This tool will allow Gizmo to fire projectiles at the opposing team, and it can even be charged for full, flaming Tippex glory.

A support move, “Song of the Mogwai”, will see Gizmo hum his famous little tune from the Gremlins movies, this move will cause the spawning of music notes, which apparently cause harm to his opponents — pretty bizarre given the adorable nature of the critter’s singing. Perhaps Gizmo’s most useful tool, “Gizmo-a-Go-Go”, sees him leap onto his partner, piggyback-style, wherein he will instantly remove any debuffs or negative status that has been applied to his teammate. While hitching a ride, Gizmo can continue to fire his arrows at his opposition… I’ve said “opposition” a lot, because Gizmo has no enemies.

Gizmo will arrive in MultiVersus tomorrow, September 8, as the second DLC character of season one, (following Morty of Rick & Morty fame). The remainder of the season will see Rick, DC Comic’s Black Adam, and Gizmo’s arch nemesis, Stripe, also join the fray… Huh, I guess he does have enemies.

MultiVersus is available now in open beta on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms.

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