Giveaway: Win one of 10 copies of BlobCat!

Five Switch and five Steam winners

If you’re anything like me, you like both blobs and cats. You also like free games because you’re extremely cheap, but devilishly handsome. So let’s smash all that together and give away 10 copies of BlobCat!

The fine felines over at BySamb have given us five Switch (North America!) and five Steam copies of their new party puzzle game to hand out to the curious cats here at Dtoid! BlobCat features over 100 levels across five worlds of cat-rolling fun as you guide your DiceMice to the safety of their micehole. But don’t get eaten by the BlobCats!

If single-player isn’t enough for you, there’s offline and online multiplayer (with crossplay between Switch and PC!), as well as collectible stickers to give some personality to your DiceMice! There’s bunny ears on one. This could be a problem for me.

To win a copy of BlobCat, drop a comment below with what blob-animal you’d employ to stop the reign of the BlobCats. I’d use a blobfish, because oh my god look at that thing. I don’t want to look at it anymore. Someone come up with a cuter blob-animal, please.

Winners to be drawn on the Switch launch day, Thursday, August 9. To win, you must have a Dtoid account with your current email address on file, and you must tell me which version of the game you want! If I can’t contact you, I can’t give you a free game. And you know how sad that makes me.

You can pre-order BlobCat now for Nintendo Switch, and buy the full version on Steam.

Wes Tacos
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