Ghostwire: Tokyo adds Denuvo DRM a year after release

ghostwire: tokyo denuvo drm spider's thread

Update includes controversial anti-tamper software

A new update for Tango Gameworks’ cyber-noir actioner Ghostwire: Tokyo has quietly added the controversial Denuvo anti-piracy technology to the title, over a year on from the game’s initial release.

The addition, spotted by eagle-eyed players, was authenticated by DOSG after an experiment conducted by the website caused the title to flag authentication errors, revealing that Denuvo software was now implemented in the first-person adventure, which launched on PC in March 2022. The Denuvo software has been a source of irritance in the PC world, following frequent instances where the resource-hungry anti-tamper tech has, reportedly, caused performance issues in PC ports of popular titles.

Just recently, Capcom removed Denuvo from the PC port of Resident Evil Village — a title that appeared to be hugely hindered by the addition of the software from a performance standpoint. The addition of Denuvo to Ghostwire: Tokyo, a title published by Bethesda Softworks, comes just weeks after the publisher has come under fire for announcing that its upcoming vampire hunter, Redfall, would also support the copy-protection software.

In addition to the implementation of Denuvo, the new Ghostwire: Tokyo update includes a selection of new missions, new combat abilities including “Charge Rush” and a new counter-attack skill, as well as new roguelite mode, which goes by the sinister title of The Spider’s Thread. Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

Confirmed, Bethesda has added Denuvo to Ghostwire: Tokyo [DSOG]

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