Get your name in early for these Undertale figures

Dibs on the dog

Look, I’m going to level with you, internet, I haven’t actually played Undertale yet. You don’t need to boo and hiss at me, I know I’m scum. I’ve wanted to play it since it came out, but after seeing these amazing Undertale figurines (especially the little dog in armor) available for pre-pre-order at Fangamer, I think I’m going to move it up the backlog to the very next game I play.

You can’t actually purchase these figures yet, but you can submit your name, email, and figure preference to be notified when they are available for pre-order. I’d roll my eyes, but apparently the demand is so high for these little guys, Fangamer needs as big a head start as it can get. 

There’s also a plushie Toriel available if you like your collectibles cuddly. I haven’t even played the damn game and I have to admit it’s pretty cute. No wonder people won’t shut up about it. 

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