Get into the holiday spirit with Hitman’s Christmas mission

You’ve been extra naughty!

I was trying to come up with a catchy Christmas pun to headline the article, then I realized that would be super cliche. So, forget about that nonsense and let’s jump straight into the news. Hitman is going to be receiving a free holiday themed mission soon. Dubbed “Holiday Hoarders,” the mission takes place on the Paris level with a plethora of holiday decorations.

Two thieves break into the fashion show and are looking to steal all of the presents scattered around the venue. 47 is tasked with stopping them by lethal force (can’t I just gift wrap them?). If you discover the presents before the thieves, you can open them to get cool gear (and become a thief?) to destroy them with.

This new mission will be launching next week on December 13. While the mission is free, IO Interactive is using this as a way to raise awareness for the World Cancer Research Fund. IO is asking fans to donate whatever they can to support the cause. I’m not sure how being a professional assassin ties in with cancer, but any money spent towards saving lives is a good use of cash.

IO has also posted a schedule for the rest of the month that details the content coming to Hitman. This includes another elusive target, an escalation contract and some sniper challenges. Not exactly noteworthy stuff, but fun none the less.

Hitman’s Free Christmas Mission Lets You Become a Killer Santa [GameSpot]

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