New Genshin Impact trailer gives us a look at more Fatui Harbingers

Genshin Impact trailer

“A Winter Night’s Lazzo”

Thanks to another Genshin Impact trailer, we’re getting more insight into the mysterious Fatui Harbingers, who have been machinating many of the events of the game behind the scenes. We know Childe intimately (as he’s a playable character), and we’ve defeated Signora via a boss fight, but the majority are still a mystery.

We’re given a taste of the English voices employed for the previously unseen Fatui cast, as well as some insight into how they interact with the world and each other. There are major story implications for this “interlude,” which ends with a quick look at Collei, and an off-screen callout from Tighnari, (who will both be playable).

Here are the core members of the Fatui, provided by the Genshin Impact trailer description:

  • Pierro, Director of the Fatui. Codename: “The Jester”
  • Columbina, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Damselette”
  • Pulcinella, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Rooster”
  • Pantalone, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Regrator”
  • Arlecchino, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Knave”
  • Tartaglia, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Childe”
  • Sandrone, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “Marionette”
  • Il Capitano, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Captain”
  • Il Dottore, Fatui Harbinger. Codename: “The Doctor”

The Gensin Impact team also provided a look at a few upcoming characters, which will finally provide access to the Dendro element. First up is Collei, who appeared at the end of the trailer, and Avidya Forest Ranger Trainee:

Then there’s Tighnari, the Avidya Forest Watcher, and fellow Dendro user:

Dori is also on the way, and will add to the Electro repertoire:

Genshin Impact 3.0 is going to be pretty huge when it finally arrives. Not only will it usher in a new expansion and another region, but the Dendro kit will definitely mix up the meta a bit.

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