Genshin Impact developer confirms PS5 compatibility ahead of launch, will boast ‘improved graphics and faster load times’

It also coincides with a huge update

Genshin Impact is killing it financially and it looks like there are no signs of it letting up anytime soon. To that end, developer miHoYo has shared more plans for the upcoming November 11 update (1.1), as well as PS5 compatibility (with “improved graphics and faster load times”). So far, it’s all good news.

Although it was a shoo-in already, miHoYo shared publicly that the game will be backward compatible on the PS5: functionality that that will be added in patch 1.1. It’ll also kick off the first seasonal event (Unreconciled Stars), as well as provide a new main storyline chapter finale (Liyue), four new characters and a city reputation system.

Since the characters are what matters to a lot of people, you can find artwork of them in the gallery below: but let’s also go through them together really quick. Childe (five stars) is a “hydro archer,” Zhongli (five stars) will utilize a geo polearm. Xinyan (four stars) and Dioana (four stars) have also been teased. As far as what the Unreconciled Stars event entails, it’ll allow people to take on new quests during a two-week period and potentially earn the four-star character Fischl.

It’s a massive update. The new story bits should sate casual fans, while the city reputation system and the thrill of event rewards will keep hardcore players logged on: especially if they get to play from the comfort of their new PS5.

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