Gears of War is a frackin’ gold mine

Hype? What hype? Gears of War may be the first game in some time to break through the hype and actually deliver what was promised and then some. Microsoft is so proud of their little Golden Child. Check out the juicy deets:

The company says it’s the fastest selling game of the year, and the fastest selling original game it’s published for Xbox 360. It’s lighting up Xbox Live with 850,000 gamers tackling 10 million gameplay sessions. Registrations for Xbox Live have been up 50 percent since the launch.

Booyakasha! Could a Gears and Halo combo catapault the 360 past the PlayStation 3 when all is said and done? Not if Japan has anything to say about it. Somebody start teaching those kids to the East what great shooters are all about. 

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