Gears of War 4 will feature split-screen on PC

Don’t hog the keyboard

Fans of couch co-op will be happy to hear that Gears of War 4 will feature a split-screen option on PC. In an interview with PC Gamer, Mike Rayner, technical director for the Coalition, confirmed the option.

“We have to deal with multiple inputs, we have to deal with focus, we have to deal with UI placement. That extra work–especially when having to also consider all the resolutions and aspect ratios a PC can have–may be why most big games nowadays don’t typically support split-screen co-op.”

I don’t know how true that is, considering I can think of plenty of PC games with the option, but at least Gears will have it. I’ve never been a fan of how consoles get poorly implemented split-screen whereas PC (which could run everything smoothly) gets left in the dust.

As for how the crossplay feature works, it seems that PC gamers will not be put into the same matchmaking queue as Xbox One players. You can play all of the games modes together, but any versus matches will be limited to AI or LAN/private. I guess that makes sense, even if it kind of sucks.

Along with that information, a launch trailer for the game was unleashed today. I can’t say I’m excited (I’ve never been a fan of Gears), but the game doesn’t look bad. The trailer also keeps up the tradition of using cover songs, though I really dislike Metallica covers. The release date is October 11 for both PC and Xbox One.

Gears of War 4’s campaign will have split-screen co-op on PC [PC Gamer]

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