Gaming phone-o-rama

Despite Backflip posting what I wanted to, I’ve been searching the internet for a little bit looking for more gaming phones. Mario seems to be a big player in the phone world. Here’s an interesting looking Mario Kart phone that’s currently going for $25 .

Here’s another interesting eBay auction going on. It’s a voice-activated Mario phone. Mario will say “Whatsa the name?” in a stereotypical Italian accent, and then you say it, and he’ll store it in his memory, so they say.

DIY: happy did a nice job at making an NES cellphone, and you can try following their guide there if you want to make one for yourself.

I’m sure there are plenty more gaming-related phones, but since Backflip stole my thunder, I’m ending it here. If you find any non-Mario phones, please post a link in the comments!